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Happy Easter! Be on the lookout as you search for and find your own very special Designer Easter Egg! We’re talking about the brand-new ALL-ALONG-BAGS – a limited edition designed by KATHARINA HOVMAN. The chance of a finder’s reward awaits EVERY FINDER! The found bag egg brings a 10 PER CENT DISCOUNT on your future purchase.

This nonchalant shopper bag (valued at 80 euros) in a variety of colours is equally made from our exclusive microfibre taffeta. Let the Easter Hunt begin: On which photo have we hidden the ALL-ALONG-BAG?


Hint: We’ve deliberately crumpled it up nice and small in the photo gallery – after all, that’s part of what makes this stylish bag so all-along special :-)





In this case, ALL-ALONG calls up images like “the whole time, lasting, long since” – in other words, just as the name implies!

And they’re precisely what applies to the ALL-ALONG-BAG made of microfibre taffeta. It can be taken along everywhere, in a coat pocket, a handbag, a glove compartment or hung casually over the shoulder. Scrunched up to fit and light as a feather, it takes up no space at all until it’s time for the bag to do its thing … 

Sustainable and hygienic: As a stylish alternative to paper, plastic and jute, the All-Along-Bag is very easy to care for, too. An especially good feature in times like these: the bag can be easily washed with soap or dishwashing liquid in a sink or washing machine, and dries in the air in a jiffy! As with all taffetas, the same applies here: crumpling’s desired, ironing’s a no-no.


Moore about the material ...

Moore about care ...





Join in on Easter Sunday and Monday and find the ALL-ALONG-BAG in the photo gallery on this page. The rules for the hunt are child’s play: Simply click on the appropriate photo, place the bag in the shopping cart, then buy it for € 0.00. In the event that the bag egg might already be gone on the first day – don’t panic. 

The second round begins on Easter Monday starting at 10 a.m. What’s more: The chance of a finder’s reward awaits every FINDER! The found bag egg brings a 10 PER CENT DISCOUNT on your future purchase (valid only once per person). Of course, the ALL-ALONG-BAG can be bought normally, too – but only as long as the supply lasts: the edition is limited!


Have lots of fun on the EASTER SUNDAY BAG HUNT!   


It goes without saying that our team and members of their families are excluded from participating in the Easter Bag Hunt :-(


Photos: Philine von Sell, Circle of Values Communication GmbH