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KATHARINA HOVMAN is from Hamburg, the origins of the brand have their cradle here, the designer lives and works here. And the only KATHARINA HOVMAN STORE in the exclusive EPPENDORF district is right here. Join us as we cross this Hanseatic city and experience the WINTER COLLECTION 2023/24 at the designer’s especially favourite spots.




Our shooting week begins in one of the most stately brick buildings in Hamburg, the 100-year-old CHILEHAUS. The downtown cityscape is literally inconceivable without the red-brick façades in the Kontorhausviertel. As unadorned as these edifices seem from outside, the interiors radiate an ornate sumptuousness: fascinating stairwells and high-gloss ceramic work. Tiles glisten in the sunlight and reflect the blue accents in Priscilla’s outfit. The young woman in classic BLACK & WHITE is Frida from Denmark. She is a runner-up world champion in street football. The MESSBERGHOF complex with its wonderful wooden doors lies in the direct vicinity of Chilehaus. The refined collection colours CACAO and ANTRA blend in harmoniously. Facing from across lies the SPRINKENHOF, and what appeals to us here is the building’s interior. The stairway! Those who say the amazing spiral staircase has too many steps take the open, step-on step-off lift, an old-fashioned paternoster that still runs here.

24 metres down in the brilliantly white-tiled ST. PAULI TUNNEL, the ceramic work gleams so brightly that even Priscilla’s white blouse is reflected against the whiteness of the tiles. These days the former OLD ELBE TUNNEL is once again open for pedestrians and bicycles.

The CHRISTIANEUM is one of the oldest secondary schools in western Hamburg. This listed building bears the hallmarks of Danish star architect Arne Jacobsen. The colour concept he chose perfectly complements the colours BLACKBERRY, MATCHA, ROYAL BLUE or ARTWORK.


Singing in the rain

Tuesday starts off with drizzling rain and fog across the Outer Alster lake. No reason not to shoot, though. Especially not in Hamburg. And definitely not when the subject is KATHARINA HOVMAN. This fashion is particularly “suited” with Hamburg’s weather in mind. The delicate microfibre taffeta dries so fast that getting a bit wet isn’t worth mentioning. By the way, here on the jetty at the FAVORITE HAMMONIA rowing club “It’s Raining Men” would have been a more fitting headline. This traditional Hamburg rowing club is strictly for men.

Today we’re staying by the waterside. The DEUTSCHES HAFENMUSEUM, the German port museum in the midst of the protected-landmark former free-trade port, provides plenty of exciting motifs. Over 100 years old, the sailing ship PEKING has found a home port here, too. Pris and Laila turn the upper deck of this four-master into a catwalk as the rain drizzles on. Laila from Paris, a pedagogue for children, brightens up this mist-ridden day with her vibrantly yellow cap to go with an iridescent ARTWORK JACKET.



The people of Hamburg are particularly proud of their PORT OF HAMBURG and confer a central and treasured role on it to this day. The historic freight cars and cable drums bear witness to its long history as a port with a wealth of tradition. Then add the casual styles from the KATHARINA HOVMAN Winter Collection – an intriguing contrast!



In the NEUE HAFENCITY, one of the largest intra-urban projects in Europe – gigantic and just as controversial. Versatilely designed, some say. Others claim it’s grey and has no soul. The one point that attracts us is the futuristic PORTBRIDGE. A perfect spot for the ROYAL BLUE, BLACK & WHITE LOOK.



In ALTONA, around the corner from the famed Reeperbahn – where the BEATLES played for months and had their coming out – near the pulsating Hafenstrasse, stands the ST. PAULI CHURCH in its frugal elegance. To this day, the Danish style of colours and shapes is a give-away clue that this site once belonged to Denmark. The perfect scenery for our ANTRA, CACAO or DARK MAUVE. Posing by the side of our Parisian model Laila is Tarima, a Ukrainian photographer. Gazing at the parsonage and neighbouring school reveals Altona’s creative and alternative side to us. Graffiti no matter which way you look.

Directly across from the church garden lies PARK FICTION. Having emerged as the result of a sociocultural initiative, today the park with its bizarre palm trees is a very special kind of landscaped experience. Frida is in her element here. Cloaked in her BIG DRESS LONG in VIOLET, Laila offers a pleasing contrast to Hamburg’s greyness.



One thing that can’t be missing in the course of a KATHARINA HOVMAN shooting in the designer’s home town is a look at art. As luck would have it, the DEICHTORHALLEN – Europe’s largest exhibition halls for contemporary art and photography – were being remodelled when we were there. So we spontaneously opted for the front of the coloured makeshift sheet-metal cladding. Tarima and Anna-Maria provided for the necessary coolness while bringing up-to-date style to the backdrop. Anna-Maria – a musician and model for KATHARINA HOVMAN ever since her teenage days – is basically a work of art all by herself. Wild, just about impossible to tame, and incredibly photogenic.

FRASER SUITES, Hamburg’s newest 5-star hotel. The listed building was formerly the headquarters of the regional finance directorate. The spacious stairwell, the cool, gleaming marble, the huge offices – all reminiscent of back then. Even the massive round table in the conference hall is still there. The past has been transported into the present here. Or, to put it differently: With Anna-Maria, Priscilla and Tarima in KATHARINA HOVMAN outfits, contemporary style meets historic charm.



The British influence during Hamburg’s development into the “greenest city in Europe” played a key role, because landscaping experts like James Godfrey Booth – who happened to be a Scot – established the finest horticultural art in Hamburg.

JENISCHPARK in Hamburg-Othmarschen is the oldest English garden in the city. Since Katharina’s grandparents lived just around the corner, the family was here often and proceeded to visit the classicistic JENISCHHAUS in the middle of the park – nowadays a museum for upper-class residential culture in English country manor style.

The ship-welcoming station WILLKOMM HÖFT by the SCHULAU FERRYHOUSE is one-of-a-kind. An authentic “memento of Hamburg”. Since 1952 former captains have used loudspeakers to profusely greet the ships passing by. And bring an emotional moment every time when the national hymn of the respective country of origin rings out. Often enough, a “dialogue” comes about – the ship and crew reply. Legendary! Just like ISI’S FISCHIMBISS, the best fish snack bar in Hamburg diagonally opposite. Those waiting for the ferry here at the pier who let their eyes wander imagine they’re by the seaside, though in fact it’s “just” the Elbe river.


Beautiful weekend

At BODO’S BOOTSSTEG the whole expanse of the Outer Alster lake can be enjoyed. A popular place to have a sundowner. We meet up with KATHARINA HOVMAN at this favourite spot, and Anna-Maria’s mother, Eva, joins us here too. Mother and daughter get together in front of the camera. A lovely opportunity to show just how timeless and generation-transcending the KATHARINA HOVMAN Fashion Label is. Off we go to the most beautiful beach in Hamburg, the FALKENSTEINER UFER. A wonderful end to our week of shooting.



The credit for the wonderful pictures and stories in our Lookbook goes to photographer Philine von Sell and her team.

This time the travel tips are even more personal than otherwise. After all, Philine lived once in Hamburg, and Katharina Hovman and her PA Finja have contributed their very own Hamburg recommendations as well.

Sightseeing – Art – Culture – Architecture – Nature

Alter Elbtunnel, Landungsbrücken, St. Pauli-Elbtunnel, open 24 hours a day. On foot or by bicycle to the other side of the Elbe.

Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Deichtorstraße 1; international art and photography.

ChilehausFischertwiete 2A; UNESCO World Heritage Site, regarded as icon of Expressionism in architecture.

SprinkenhofSpringeltwiete 2A; the oldest “Kontorhaus” (counting house & warehouse) in Hamburg.

Deutsches HafenmuseumSchuppen 50A, Australiastraße 6; a must-see for ship fans: The four-master Peking is docked here.

Park Fiction; artistic and sociopolitical project.

Jenisch Haus, Baron-Voght-Straße 50, Klein Flottbeck; classicistic country manor in a lovely park with a far-ranging view across the Elbe.

Falkensteiner Ufer; ideal for a long walk (dogs permitted!)

Willkomm-Höft at the Schulauer Fährhaus, Parnaßstraße 29, 22880 Wedel; famous ship-welcoming station with restaurant and terrace with a view of the Elbe. An experience for ship-lovers

Eating – Drinking – Shopping

Katharina’s tips for a satisfying culinary day in Hamburg:

Mornings for breakfast to CAFÉ PARIS “on a whim or whenever I long for Paris.”

For lunch DIE BRÜCKE – „combined with products freshly bought at the Isemarkt street market: noodles from the pasta ladies, fresh North Sea shrimp, or opulent flowers for the store.”

And in the evening, off to SALIBA“The modern meets the Orient directly under the Alster Arcades. A long-time friend serves delicacies here. And the locale is a pure pleasure for the designer’s eye, too.”

For Finja, these locales are the place to be:


Herzstück, Eimsbüttel

Paledo, Winterhude

Kapitel Drei, Altona (Büchercafe)

Little Amsterdam, Hoheluft


Marta, Altona

Authentikka, Winterhude

Tyo Tyo, Uhlenhorst

Cham The Vegan Kitchen, Schanze

Amaranto, Winterhude


Berglund Bar, Winterhude

Philine supplements these tips for gastronomy and shopping with her own:

ISI'S FISCHIMBISS, Strandweg 3, 22880 Wedel, Best address for a roll topped with fish while standing with a view of the Elbe

Veddeler FischgaststätteTunnelstraße 70, 20539 Hamburg, open from 11 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.; Quaint venue for lunch in a ’50s retro look not far from the Hafenmuseum. Super low-key but cool.

ZWEITE LIEBE, Bernard-Nocht Straße 1, St. Pauli; Good breakfast café around the corner from Park Fiction

Fraser Suites, Rödingsmarkt 2, 20459 Hamburg; For everyone who loves luxury: one of the best hotels in Hamburg

Marktcafé Blankenese, Bahnhofstraße; Nice for a good coffee or a small snack, directly across from the Blankenese Wochenmarkt street market.

HENSSLER HENSSLERFischmarkt; Classic Japanese sushi creations meet international cuisine.

QUELLENTALNienstedten; Great restaurant in a cosy small half-timbered house set in greenery.“Straightforward food with first-class ingredients”

ISEMARKT, in Eppendorf beneath the elevated transit line. One of the most appealing open-air street markets I know.

LANDHAUS FLOTTBECK (Hotel/Restaurant), Klein Flottbeck; probably the city’s most relaxed boutique hotel.

And, last but not least, THE shopping address for KATHARINA HOVMAN fans: KATHARINA HOVMAN STORE

Thanks very much to:

Frida Benzon, runner-up world champion in street football and model

Tarima Darim, photographer and model

Priscilla Muscat,actress and model

Anna-Maria Nemetz, musician and model

Eva-Maria Nemetz, model 

Laila Sarhan, social educator and model

A big thank you also goes to:

CREDITS: PHOTOGRAPHY & EDITOR: Philine von Sell; STYLING: Finja Brügmann; HAIR & MAKE UP ARTIST: Maili Ngyuen; PRODUCTION: Circle of Values Communication GmbH