“My standard is to create something that fashionably corresponds to the spirit of the times, in which the woman wearing it always feels good in, and that highlights her beauty.” _Katharina Hovman


Making the standard she set for herself a reality has undoubtedly led to success. Meanwhile the premium brand is being presented in Germany, Switzerland, Paris, New York and Milan, and sold in more than 15 countries.

Katharina Hovman’s clientele are women much like the designer herself. Adult, cosmopolitan, self-confident and with both feet on the ground. Women in the prime of their lives who love what’s beautiful and indulge themselves once in a while too, but without all the frills. For over 20 years now her customers have valued the fine fabrics and distinctive styles: casual yet elegant. And as such, ideal for being on the job and on the go.

Katharina Hovman

Creations by Katharina Hovman are highly acclaimed for being able to be combined anew, again and again, for travelling along trouble-free, washable by hand in a bathroom sink, for drying in two hours and then promptly worn again. Taffeta is the name of the material that stands for easy care and lots of comfort. Originating in Italy, any further processing of the fabric is performed exclusively in Europe before it turns into the label’s unique collections.

Twice a year Katharina Hovman designs a completely new Taffetas collection comprised of this special material and ever-changing original trend colours. Her design convinces due to surprising details, sets accents imbued with character, and as a result gives a new interpretation to this out-of-the-ordinary line with each collection.

Here at the Online Shop you will find a small and finely tuned selection from the Taffetas collection: the “Essentials”. The “big picture”, in other words the complete collection with many more products and materials, can be found at: