Not what you were looking for or not a perfect fit?
No problem!

you can return or exchange all items purchased at within 14 days.


How to do it? Very easily:

1. Mandatory for a return or exchange is that the items have neither been worn nor washed and are in flawless condition.

2. As soon as the return shipment has arrived on our end the purchase amount will be refunded. The refund is made to the account for the method of payment you have chosen.

3. Would you like to exchange what you’ve ordered? Simply reorder with us at the online shop.

4. Please arrange that the return shipment is sent as a trackable parcel to:
Schützenstraße 109
22761 Germany

5. Please simply enclose the form letter in the parcel. A reason for your return shipment is not necessary, but it would provide us with incentives for improvement.

We gladly bear the expense for the shipment route to you. Please appreciate that you assume the costs for return shipment.

Any questions?

Then please contact our customer service at