The finest fibres and vibrant colours. Easy to wear, easy to care for. Yet hard to describe. Because the “Aha! moment” doesn’t come until you feel them: the Taffetas.

The delicate microfibre taffeta is a techno-textile, a fabric dyed and woven at the Como mills in the silk industry in northern Italy. The region is world-famous for the finest fabrics and exhibits a long tradition of silk-weaving. We work with a family-run company that has successfully transformed silk into modern techno-textiles. Because the decisive factor that sets our Taffetas apart is the way they are woven. We value the finesse shown in this craftsmanship very highly. Traditional values combine with innovative material here to form a truly unique design. The Taffetas receive further processing exclusively at selected European production facilities.

The result: lightweight items with a fine gloss that weigh just 80 grams, that can travel with you trouble-free and be washed, then dried in two hours and worn again.

KATHARINA HOVMAN develops a new spectrum of colours for each collection. And as a result of being dyed for full penetration prior to weaving, the Taffetas obtain their radiant and, above all, long-lasting brilliant colours – even after washing them countless times.

Speaking of washing: Please make very sure that you follow these instructions for care and cleaning. The most important one first: PLEASE DO NOT IRON!!!

Material: Microfibertaft, 100 % Polyester