Many of you know and love our famed, light-as-a-feather Taffetas. The soft, heavier, velvety variety of them equally displays many welcome attributes.

We also have the “Heavy Tafts”, the name we’ve given to this soft, velvet-heavy variation on taffeta, exclusively produced by a small but standard-setting factory near Lake Como. It’s the only way we can be sure that the “Heavy Tafts” in their airy versions leave nothing to be desired in terms of quality, style and wearing comfort. Quite the opposite: The “Heavy Tafts” have many features of their own, and of course especially during the chilly season.

The surface shimmers silky matt, and on this material the colours take on a special warmth and intensity. The drape is round, full, and flatters any figure. The “Heavy Tafts” are particularly in demand in the wintertime – just perfect for casual coats and jackets, dresses or skirts. What’s more, they’re not only gorgeously chic. That they’re “easy to wear” too almost goes without saying.

This allows to be combined in wonderful ways.

HEAVY TAFFETA: 100% Polyester. Made in Italy.