Whether at home or on the road – the Taffetas make it easy for you. They can always be washed trouble-free and are dry in no time. Please observe the following instructions for care and cleaning so that you get the most out of your Taffetas for as long as possible:



In the washing machine

Delicate cycle, 30 °C, spin at low spin speed. Hang up and allow to dry.

When travelling,

the Taffetas are optimally suited for washing in a hotel bathroom sink. Rinse well, do not wring out, hang up wet and allow to dry for approx. two hours.

On stains,

apply travel laundry detergent (or dishwashing liquid), let it take effect and then wash normally.

Ironing is forbidden!

We mean it! That the fabric is never completely smooth is a deliberate feature of the style for the Taffetas and expressly desired. If they are ironed the fibre is flattened and will not recover from it.

In a handbag

the Taffetas can be transported crumpled up without any problems – and subsequently worn again.


  • wash or iron at 60°C