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Lisbon – City of Contrasts


Lisbon – the Portuguese metropolis on the coast is an international, vibrant city with a host of appealing mismatches. Nostalgic flair alternates with hip shops, narrow lanes and alleys in the old town are rivalled by glitzy shopping miles, historic structures and state-of-the-art architecture are all well worth seeing.

I couldn’t think of a better place for shooting our Summer 2023 collection. A gaily coloured assemblage with contrasts galore. As unusual and diversified as this city.


old town

Little tuc-tuc instead of big tram

Cramped alleyways and steep inclines – it’s no surprise that a vintage tram from the 1930s still trundles along here. For a modern streetcar, navigating the No. 28 tram’s route across the heart of the old town would be out of the question. It leads past lots of spots worth taking a look at – an alternative sightseeing tour. What sounds like an upside has its downside as well. The tram is always packed chock full of tourists.

What a blessing that there are tuc-tucs, too. Though a traveler’s mind tends to situate them more in Asia, they have been just as much a part of the street scene here for more than a decade. No need to worry about the stench and noise – tuc-tucs run cleanly and quietly on an electric drive. Our driver Oliver is simultaneously the best tour guide you could ask for.

Lisbon’s old town comprises the quarters Alfama, Graça and Mouraria. Alfama is the oldest. Here you still find the original old houses with otherworldly courtyards. When Carlo, Raffaela, my camera and I take an early roam through the old town at 8, there’s hardly a soul on the streets.

ART & riverbank


What awaits us at Jardim Botto Machado is one of Lisbon’s largest works of street art, the Mural de Azulejos. A 188-metre-long mural made of 52,738 small colourful tiles, the glazed tiles so typical of this city. The ancient history of Portugal is told here in modern tilework art. Whether it’s the fado singer Ines in PLATIN and EVERGREEN, Pris clad in ROYAL BLUE, or dancer Ines in SANDY: In this gaily coloured scenery every KATHARINA HOVMAN colour finds a fitting background.

On the banks of the Tejo, here beside the little-liked monument to Portuguese discoverers – most locals in Lisbon don’t want any part of this mammoth work of brutalist architecture that recalls the conquerors’ cruel expeditions – lies the Espaço Espelho d’Água. Set in gleaming white, it is the architectural contrast programme to the famous variegated tiles we encounter wherever we go. The sunlight merely sets accents here and creates splendid interplays of light and shadow.

Indoors we are welcomed by the very opposite of the aloof white exterior. Arrays of warm colours turn the unpretentious restaurant into an inviting place. Carlo wears a dress in CAPERI, we photograph Pris in a HAZEL-hued dress and a blouse in AMETHYST – harmony for the eye.


at the port

A classic Lisboa-style contrast envelops us at the bus stop on Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, directly across from the down-to-earth old town. In front of the containers and construction-site fences, the avenue turns into a catwalk.


sea of flowers

An impressive outer façade welcomes us. Densely arranged blossoms in all sorts of colours. Whether in BLACK, ROYAL BLUE or MANGO – the perfect variety of colours for our summer collection.

supporters’ block & Expo

Colour blocking

At Estádio José Alvalade XXI, fans of all nationalities with their families, friends, neighbours, the young and old meet up to root for their favourite football team, Sporting Clube de Portugal. For generations the capital city’s eclectic population has celebrated its team’s goals at this venue. Today guest model Rafaela and our Carlo are celebrating here, too – the cool colour blocking of summer 2023.

Designed for the Expo ’98 world’s fair, the Park of the Nations forms a blatant counterpoint to the old town’s medieval ambience. All kinds of attractions from the Expo era can still be found there – stunning exhibition structures like the Pavilhão do Conhecimento or the world-famous Oceanário. Wooden pavilions on the grounds offer not only an appealing backdrop for Pris and Ines in BLACK and HAZEL, they provide soothing shade and a chance to cool off a bit before the ride on the legendary gondola lift cable car.


Wildly romantic

Once again we experience Lisbon from a completely different side at Tapada das Necessidades – gardens growing wild, winding paths, abandoned buildings. A terrain full of melancholy and romance with freely roaming chickens, peacocks and ducks, three enchanting lakes and a waterfall. Giant cactuses, palm trees and other exotic flora – we feel like we’re in a fairy tale in one of the oldest gardens in Europe. The park dates back to 1604. An oasis.


Beach holiday

Trip to the city with sightseeing or a seaside beach holiday? In Lisbon you don’t have to decide: both can be had here. Costa da Caparica with a breathtaking coastline, divine landscapes and one of the longest sand beaches in Europe lies only 30 minutes away from the capital by car on the opposite bank of the Rio Tejo. Situated right on the beach is the hottest beach club in the region: Casa Reîa. The club is stylish and generates a thoroughly festive mood to sit here, to hop into the sea between a light lunch and a chilled Vinho Verde, then let the sunshine dry you off again. Not to mention that Carlo’s dress was dry again in no time. Taffeta, no need to say more.

modern & historical


The elements seem to merge on the grounds of the Champalimaud Foundation. Borders blur, the pavement seems to head seamlessly into the water, and the waterfront fuses with the horizon. With Carlo and Pris, the Fundação Champalimaud becomes a stage. It’s not only the impressive buildings on the banks of the Tejo that tease a Wow! out of us here.

The Marquis de Fronteira Palace is a real highlight for fans of historic architecture. Built in the 17th century, the complex exists unchanged to this day. Above all the palace garden is worth a visit. Strikingly impressive once again here too are the “azulejos”, the glazed tiles. Magnificently designed walls, masonry and stairways. The colourful tiles gleam brightly in the sunshine and reflect the light. An enchanting effect we had also readily encountered along the pretty lanes in the old town. In a nutshell: the light in Lisbon! The city glows with a kind of natural lustre.



The credit for the wonderful pictures and stories in our Lookbook goes to photographer Philine von Sell and her team.

Philine is already in town before every shooting and explores the city in all directions of the compass for us. Her travel tips are particularly worthwhile – they are personally experienced highlights of the city where we held our shooting.

Sightseeing – art – culture – architecture – nature – eating and drinking

TUC TUC, the loveliest tuc-tucs anywhere, Largo Martim Moniz

PINEAPPLE STAND When sightseeing works up a thirst: delectable pineapple juice from a fresh pineapple. Or how about a Piña Colada? Right on the pier on the Av. Ribeira das Naus

MIRADOURO STA. LUZIA The most gorgeous tiles, awesome view. Extra tip: Go there for the sunrise and sundown. Rua Limoeiro

MIRADOURO DA SENHORA DO MONTE Wonderful place for sundowners: Caipirinha with music and loads of people, Largo Monte Largo Monte

ARQUE TAPADA DAS NECESSIDADES, fantastic city park with “Lost Place”, Calçada Necessidades

PARQUE DAS NACOES Former Expo grounds with lots of pretty spots in the shade. Perfect for a stroll and for jogging.

TELECABINA LISBOA Gondola lift cable car in Parque das Nações. The ride is worth it.

OCEANÁRIO DE LISBOA, Esplanada Dom Carlos I s/nº

MURAL DE AZULEJOS – BOTTO MACHADO, the city’s largest work of street art, right around the corner from Pantheon, Campo de Santa Clara

MUSEUM OF SAINT ANTHONY, Largo de Santo António da Sé 22

ESTÁDIO JOSÉ ALVALADE XXI Football stadium. Great atmosphere with a mood to match. Rua Professor Fernando da Fonseca

PALÁCIO DOS MARQUESES DE FRONTEIRA Tiles, tiles, tiles in an impressive Renaissance palace, Largo São Domingos de Benfica 01

FUNDACAO CHAMPALIMAUD Modern architecture with interesting perspectives and a small amphitheatre, Av. Brasília

CASA REÎA The luxury version: beach club, perfect for a day by the seaside, Praia da Cabana do Pescador, Costa da Caparica

PRAIA FONTE DA TELHA The easy-going version: wonderful beach in proximity to nature with lots of restaurants and bars, Costa da Caparica

ZUNZUM GASTROBAR Bistro run by star chef Marlene Vieira, Terminal de Cruzeiros de Lisboa, Av. Infante D. Henrique Doca, R. Jardim do Tabaco

MARLENE Special culinary experiences at the high-class restaurant run by star chef Marlene Vieira, Terminal de Cruzeiros de Lisboa, Av. Infante D. Henrique Doca, R. Jardim do Tabaco

TIME OUT MARKET LISBOA Appealing market hall with lots of little food stands offering plenty of variety, Av. 24 de Julho 49

CANTINHO DO AVILLEZ, cool bistro restaurant run by star chef Avillez in the Park of the Nations, R. do Bojador 55

SÁLA DE JOAO SÁ, traditional Portuguese cuisine, R. dos Bacalhoeiros 103

PASTÉIS DE BÉLEM, very special handmade patisserie specialities that must be tried, R. de Belém 84 92

A VALENCIANA, the best chicken in a very lively family restaurant, Rua Marquês de Fronteira 157 163A

O PITÉU DA GRAÇAwonderful taste sensations and an innovative chef, Largo da Graça 95 96

SR. VINHO Classic Fado restaurant with traditional cuisine and live Fado performance, R. do Meio à Lapa 18

ESPACA ESPELHO D’ÁGUAGood cooking, lovely spot for lunch with a view of the Tejo and the arriving cruise ships, Av. Brasília

BETTINA CORALLO, the best coffee, buying chocolate is a must! R. da Escola Politécnica 4


Priscilla Muscat, actress and model

Carlotta Roosen, model


INES GOMES, dancer and model


A big thank you also goes to:

OLIVER, our driver and tour guideTucTuc Dreams.

MIQUEL CALHEIROS, our fantastic team chef, who pampered us from dawn to dusk.

EDMUNDO, because we were allowed to be in his apartment.

SOFIA TEMPERO for the awesome tips and advice about Lisbon.

ANGELIKA LIPP-KRÜLL for her superb network.

CREDITS: PHOTOGRAPHY & EDITOR: Philine von Sell; STYLING: Finja Brügmann; HAIR & MAKE UP ARTIST:Maili Ngyuen; PRODUCTION: Circle of Values Communication GmbH