The new boutique DELPHES had its grand opening in NICE in March 2022. An ultracool store on the city’s finest shopping mile. A good reason to make the trip to the Côte d’Azur.

The elated attitude towards life “à la niçoise” has been put into words for us by journalist ANGELIKA LIPP-KRÜLL – Angelika knows what she’s talking about, because she’s not only a good friend of DELPHE, the owner, and a fan of our TAFFETAS: she’s lived on the Côte for years.

A prologue by Angelika Lipp-Krüll

It’s the wind that reigns on the Côte. Sometimes it caresses gently like a tender lover, the sea, the palms, sails through women’s hair and makes their airy dresses dance. Sometimes it rages too, and anything that’s not nailed down tight takes flight. Here in Nice a woman knows to use this elegantly to her advantage; there’s no point in resisting, anyway. Clothing has to flow, in all the colours that go with the uniquely azure-blue sky, nuzzle the body, by the same token be casual and light, whether to wear or to care for. Hair has to acquiesce to the wind as well and be creatively adapted into this “work of art”. Precisely the seemingly imperfect, the deftly wilful combination of lovely accessories, gives the fashion-conscious women in Nice this aura. KATHARINA HOVMAN and the “Femmes de Nice” – they found each other at DELPHES!

An interview with boutique owner DELPHE in Nice.


Kathrin and Maili explorethe enchanting RUE ALPHONSE KARR in Nice – garbed in KATHARINA HOVMAN, naturally.



Visit DELPHES in Nice:

DELPHES, 1 Rue Alphonse Karr, F-06000 Nice

Tuesday – Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm

INSTAGRAM: @boutiquedelphesnice