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Nice – cosmopolitan city and hamlet, a mini-metropolis on the Côte d’Azur, one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Where the French Provence flirts with Italy. It’s a fact: We encounter Italian flair everywhere, and not only due to the bilingual street signs. Not by far. A very special attitude towards life is “visible” on every corner. The past and future, patina and glamour all cross paths in Nice. A whiff of retro wafts along the back streets. Perfect for our shooting the new SUMMER COLLECTION from KATHARINA HOVMAN.


Our photo tour starts on THE street for antiques! I take shots of Priscilla as we dream our way back to the 1950s. It could just as easily be Audrey Hepburn ambling along the RUE CATHERINE SEGURANE. She would have looked just as gorgeous in the latest KATHARINA HOVMAN look.



Whether in South Africa, Naples or Luxembourg – wherever we land with our team we meet up with good friends, women who introduce us to intriguing people, arrange for the loveliest locations, and guide us to places in the surroundings that we’d only be able to find “with a little help from our friends”.

That’s how we get to know JACQUELINE GAINON, too. The painter welcomes us at her studio. An old garage with skylights furnished in a gleaming, spartan, you could say pragmatic fashion, and yet – or maybe because of it? – a wildly romantic setting. Wearing a white Pirate Style shirt, Jacqueline seems to be as one with her equally white studio. Posed in front of a series bearing the lovely title “LE DÉJEUNER”, the very petite artist in a ruffled shirt merges with her art. A tribute to Manet. Bigger than big!



The venerably vintage villa stood empty for years until Hélène Fincker bought it in 2003. Hélène, a veritable institution for contemporary art, refurbished the house and, while at it, simply left lots of things just the way they were. Paint peeling off the walls, worn-out steps: patina as design principle. Today MAISON ABANDONNÉE [VILLA CAMELINE] forms the dignified setting for alternating art exhibitions. Carlo, Alice and Priscilla play with the out-of-the-ordinary art spaces that allow leeway for the subtle colours in our collection.

A very different slant is displayed in works by AIMÉE FLEURY, a young artist from Nice. She belongs to a group of artists called Collectif Palam. Eleven artists, women who have made a fascinating natural art exhibit out of objects discovered on joint hiking excursions. Aimée worked every day at the Villa Cameline on her oeuvre. She’s been knitting a shawl ever since covid-19 began. And knits. And knits and knits. She never wants to stop with it, even when it’s all over. A life’s work.

Why not?!

Thelma & Louise

One of those places we would surely never had headed for without a friendly hint in the right direction is Opio, roughly 30 km away. What we would’ve missed! “THE ENGLISH CAR MECHANICS” – a garage that exudes coolness. Caravelle, Chevrolet, Bentley, or even a 2CV Citroen – new life is breathed into vintage gems here. Thelma and Louise aka Carlo and Priscilla use the workshop and cars as a stage to act their way as lightheartedly as can be through “cool cat” life back in the Sixties.




By the old port, once again, our hair & make-up artist plays a double role on the set and we meet up with photographer KATHRIN HOYOS from Monaco. I’m glad to see her again here. The last time, my dear friend was standing in front of the camera at our shooting in South Africa. The scene is sophisticated on one side – the yachts are moored there. On the opposite side life goes on quite differently: fishermen dock their boats and sell their fresh catch. A colourful, merry mood reigns in this quarter of Nice that’s currently “in”.

Promenade des Anglais


Unmistakable, the Promenade des Anglais with its famous blue chairs sets the colours from KATHARINA HOVMAN aglow.

Just a few minutes on foot to the MIROIR D’EAU, the water mirror trick fountains in the new park that lure us like a magnet. Priscilla enjoys cooling off and takes visible pleasure in the fountains that shoot up over and over again. That she gets wet in the process doesn’t interest her a bit. After all, she’s wearing a TAFFETA DRESS. It’s dry again in no time.

We move on to RUE ALPHONSE KARR – heaven on earth for shopping fans. The boutique DELPHES opened here in the spring of 2022. The latest option to shop for KATHARINA HOVMAN on the French Riviera.



Word has it that Saint-Paul de Vences is one of the most beautiful villages in France. At any rate, it certainly is a mecca for art-lovers. Matisse was here, Picasso was here, Marc Chagall lived here. There are more than 30 galleries in this hamlet, population 3,500, which receives millions of visiting tourists each year.

We visited the BIENNALE INTERNATIONALE and were particularly thrilled by the installation from the artist duo MARTINE FEIPEL & JEAN BECHAMEIL. And of course, the FOUNDATION MAEGHT is always a must ! whenever you’re in the neighbourhood. To me, the most beautiful museum in the world.


Savoir vivre

Time for the world’s best croissants and panettones. They can be found at CHEZ MA’MIE, a small bakery in Tourrettes-sur-Loup, a picturesque, medieval small town in an impressive location on a 400-metre-high rocky outcrop. From the highest point in town you’re rewarded with a breathtaking view of the sea.

Culinary discovery: LE CINQ – a wonderful restaurant with finely chosen retro furniture. Things are quiet in Tourrettes-sur-Loup. The masses have yet to find this jewel in the nearby hinterlands of the Côte d’Azur. A genuine insider tip!


Swimming pool

The scientist and photographer PIA PAROLIN lives in a dream house in Biot. Pia happened to be off on a trip, but she entrusted us with her domicile for our shooting. That’s what we call friendly accommodation! Priscilla and Caro feel fine here right away. They move around in this enchanting house as if they’d never lived anywhere else. As a photographer, I’m delighted: the light here! The marvellous atmosphere that the Provence is famed for envelops us. No wonder so many painters did their work here. I’m already looking forward to my next visit with all of our mutual girlfriends on the Côte d’Azur.

Côte d'Azur



RUE CATHERINE SEGURANE – antiques and galleries; Rue Catherine Segurane

JAQUELINE GAINON – painter; studio visit by appoitment; INSTAGRAM: @jacquelinegainon

MAISON ABANDONNÉE [VILLA CAMELINE] – contemporary art; 43, Avenue Monplasier INSTAGRAM: @maison_abandonnee

AIMÉE FLEURY – artist; INSTAGRAM: @aimeefleury COLLECTIF PALAM – artist group

BOUTIQUES DELPHES ­– shop for KATHARINA HOVMAN; 1, Rue Alphonse Karr; see as well our video about DELPHES here.

LE GALET ­– beach club and restaurant; 3, Promenade des Anglais

LE CAFÈ DE TURIN ­– legendary for seafood; 5, Pl. Garibaldi


KATHRIN HOYOS – photographer; Monaco; INSTAGRAM: @kathrin_hoyos_photo

LA VISITE Art/Culture/Côte d'Azur by THERESE MICHEL ­– private guided art tours and events INSTAGRAM: @artculturecotedazur

PIA PAROLIN – photographer & scientist INSTAGRAM: @piaparolinphoto


GALERIE CATHERINE ISSERT – contemporary art gallery; 2, Route des Serres INSTAGRAM: @galerie_catherine_issert

MARTINE FEIPEL & JEAN BECHAMEIL – artist duo at Biennale Internationale Saint-Paul de Vence; Luxembourg

FOUNDATION MAEGHT – museum of modern art; 623 Chem. des Gardettes

CAFÉ DE LA PLACE – legendary café and boules court; Place du Général de Gaulle


CHEZ MA’MIE – bakery, pâtisserie, caterer; 12 Rue de la Bourgade

LE CINQ – restaurant; 5, Rue de la Bourgade

CHEZ L’AMI PAUL – restaurant; 2-14, Rue du Soleillas


THE ENGLISH CAR MECHANICS – specialist in classic cars; 2, Chem. de Roures, 06650 Opio

CREDITS: PHOTOGRAPHY: Philine von Sell; STYLING: Finja Brügmann; HAIR & MAKE UP ARTIST: Maili Ngyuen; CAST: Priscilla, Carlotta, Alice, Maili; PRODUCTION: Circle of Values Communication GmbH

MUSIC: SWIMMING POOL TRIBUTE by Philipp von Sell (all rights reserved)