IN THE MOOD FOR BADEN-BADEN! Baden-Baden is legendary for its special, a bit “frayed with time” charm resplendent with majestic villas, glamorous grand hotels, historic resorts and hot-springs spas. Embedded in woods, meadows and vineyards, this urbane oasis is equally famous for a way of life that values enjoying to the fullest – and for its affinity for art and music at its world-class best.

When I proposed to my sister that we photograph her Fall/Winter Collection 2020 in this one-of-a-kind atmosphere, she was immediately delighted. As it turned out, we truly found everything we needed for a shooting: reliable good weather, an impressive landscape, and above all countless fabulous locations. All topped off by the practical vicinity to Alsace, where I live and work.

In other words: Off to “BB” with its marvellous festival theatre, wordly hotels and magnificent parks.


THE ACTION GOT GOING RIGHT AWAY  upon arrival with location scouting and our casting for women to present the new FALL/WINTER COLLECTION 2020. I really enjoy working with fresh faces and amateur models – and I did this time, too:

  • Naïs from Alsace, a tax inspector who also works as model.
  • Kata, an interesting, bright young art curator from Berlin.
  • Lucia from Basel, who loves beautiful things and often supports KATHARINA HOVMAN at trade shows in the USA.  

Baden-Baden looks back on a long, eventful history. The Romans readily took advantage of the hot springs and erected baths whose ruins testify to their existence to this day. Since the 19th century the town has lived from its exclusive reputation as a pulsating city of spas: via edifices with a long-standing tradition, such as the world-famous BRENNERS PARK-HOTEL with its spacious park. Or FESTSPIELHAUS, the festival theatre that attracts patrons from all over the world. Or the Kurhaus resort in classical style dating back to 1821 with its famed casino modelled on the Palace of Versailles. It’s not for nothing that 200 years ago this small city was already pleased with its reputation as “Europe’s salon”. And once we realised that Baden-Badeners are also very hospitable and the clocks here tick along at a more leisurely pace, we instantly felt safe, sound and welcome.IF YOU LIKE ENGLISH OUTDDOR AND INTERIOR ARCHTECTUR, you’re going to love BRENNERS PARK-HOTEL. Passing through a small cast-iron gateway takes you directly from the sunning terrace to the public-access park, BRENNERS PARK. The park’s splendid stock of trees along the paths is both moving and impressive at any time of the year. A few steps farther on and the white masonry of the MUSEUM FRIEDER BURDA appears. From there the walk takes you to charming pavilions. What awaits gourmets and pleasure-lovers alike here are the exquisite confectioneries from the famed coffeehouse CAFÉ KÖNIG – the perfect spot for a culinary pause to try champagne truffles or petits fours.
After these sweet temptations we move on along the promenade past the historic Kurhaus resort – with everything set in white, crunching gravel paths and an airily spacious boulevard.

MUSIC, DANCE, OPERA – represented here by FESTSPIELHAUS BADEN-BADEN, Europe’s largest concert hall displaying accomplished architecture and a subtle integration of what was once the ducal railway station. The “crème de la crème” from the realms of classical music, jazz, ballet and song rendezvous here time and again: ballet legend John Neumeier enriches the autumn festivals, Sir Simon Rattle directs the famous London Symphony Orchestra, and Anne-Sophie Mutter presents her latest repertoire.

YET NOT ONLY THE PERFORMING ARTS are right at home here, because beauty and style always play a role in Baden-Baden. Those who love cool, extravagant design are going to be happy at ROOMERS – right across from the Festspielhaus complex. And for those with a will to beautify, rejuvenate or vitalise themselves a bit, they’re in the very best of hands in “BB”.

IF YOU LOVE TO LIE DOWN, READ OR DOZE IN THE PARK, in Baden-Baden you’ll find plenty of cosy spots to settle down. And what might be the best bookstore around: BUCHHANDLUNG STRASS in the charming heart of town. The accompanying family bookstore MÄX + MORITZ lies right around the corner. A paradise for avid readers.IN THE MOOD for a well-mixed drink after the stroll across town? Then the bar called FRITZ & FELIX is the right address – and at best you ought to stay right there until dinner.

Equally recommendable are the rooftop terrace at ROOMERS and MORIKI with its pan-Asian cuisine and always freshly prepared sushi specialities. Simply scrumptious.

We get a big kick out of thinking back on the intensive, productive times we had along with the special flair that Baden-Baden has to offer. Lots of fab photos originated here that perfectly set the stage for the FALL/WINTER COLLECTION 2020 from KATHARINA HOVMAN. And maybe we were even able to whet your appetite for a mini-journey across time to see Baden-Baden!


BRENNERS PARK-HOTEL, traditional grand hotel, Schillerstraße 4/6

FRITZ & FELIX, bar & restaurant  ((at Brenners), Schillerstraße 4/6

ROOMERS HOTEL, hotel and rooftop bar, Lange Str. 100

MORIKI, pan-Asian cuisine at Roomers, Lange Str. 100 


MUSEUM FRIEDER BURDA, Stiftung Frieder Burda, Lichtentaler Allee 8B

CAFÉ KÖNIG, Kaffeehaus, confectionery specialities, Lichtentaler Str. 12

DIE CONFISERIE IM RUMPELMAYER, Confiserie, Kaiserallee 1a

BUCHANDLUNG STRAß, Gernsbacher Str. 7

MÄX & MORITZ - family bookstore, Sophienstraße 9

MAMMA LINA – Ristorante & Pizzeria, Lange Str. 83 (our favorite Italian restaurant)


PHOTOGRAPHY: Philine von Sell; STYLING: Finja Brügmann; HAIR-MAKE UP: Natalie Strickner.