KATHARINA HOVMAN once again in REESEN travel magazine

Discover Lisbon – that’s the translated title of an article in the most recent issue of REESEN Reisemagazin. Apparently the staff at REESEN has discovered that a stroll across a city on the trail of KATHARINA HOVMAN also holds an inspiring added value for the readership of this high-quality travel magazine from Luxembourg. For the second time now our photographer Fotografin Philine von Sell reports on her impressions of a city – gathered in the course of photo shootings for our collection.  

„“To this day Lisbon remains a city for discoverers created by discoverers, which makes it just right for me – because that’s exactly how I feel each time I arrive in a new city: like a discoverer”,is how Philine begins her feature about this fascinating capital city on the atlantic coast.

Following the premiere in the last issue,naturally we’re very pleased that REESEN is once again glad to draw on Philine’s fantastic photos and the authentic way she tells about things. That the new summer look from KATHARINA HOVMAN receives a commensurate setting on the way is something like getting whipped cream on top. On the other hand – hardly any fashion label is so well suited for travel like the creations by KATHARINA HOVMAN. Extremely easy to care for, lightweight and – whether casual or elegant – so incredibly flexible to style.

In other words, fashion by KATHARINA HOVMAN is truly a hot tip for people who love to travel and do it a lot.


Read Philine’s travel tips now in the“KATHARINA HOVMAN REESEN-Reisebericht: Lissabon entdecken! (PDF Version here.)