KATHARINA HOVMAN „designed for life and travel“ – so it’s only logical that the label can be found in the most recent issue of the wonderful REESEN travel magazine from Luxembourg.

“With-it Oslo” – Anyone who has taken a look at our current Lookbook will certainly have a déjà-vu feeling when reading the article. No wonder, because the magazine reports on our photographer Philine von Sell and tells about our shooting the Winter Collection 2022 in Oslo.

“Philine’s light-handed and uncontrived style of taking photos lets special places appear in a different light.” We’re glad that a magazine as acclaimed as REESEN feels the same way about what is so particularly important to us: to highlight what’s special without play-acting, to portray naturalness and lightness. Wherever you travel, whether big city or countryside, when clothes by KATHARINA HOVMAN are with you –you’re suitably dressed all over the world.

“I don’t tamper with the motifs and only work with natural daylight. Leaving the usual advertising lingo by the wayside, Philine von Sell wants to make the brand’s strength visible. For the international fashion label KATHARINA HOVMAN and the photographer and communications consultant active worldwide, the two form a‘super match’. […] The design of a collection by KATHARINA HOVMAN is marked by feminine extravagance and understatement. Von Sell has developed an innovative Lookbook to express this spirit. Alongside the current outfits for the season, the focus is also on travelling and discoveries – fashion and travel as a shared show. Inside the Lookbook, it’s not just models arranged in front of renowned architecture. No, what is given here is a different point of view towards the cities where the photo shootings take place.”

With KATHARINA HOVMAN, it’s never merely about fashion: it’s always about women and being on the go, too. Which equally turns our fashion label and the REESEN travel magazine into a “super match”. Or, to quote from the article in REESEN: “Co-creation at its best.”

The portrait about Philine von Sell can be accessed here: Naturalness and Nonchalance (PDF)



Read the great REESEN travelogue: “Das coole Oslo”(PDF) (‘With-it Oslo’)