JACQUELINE GAINON – Painter in Nice, France


It’s hard to escape Jacqueline’s aura. Her nut-brown eyes gleam from behind her striking eyeglasses so directly and frankly at the person facing her, like childrens’ when they find something interesting or new to them. She numbers among the artists who love to be visited in the studio and values the personal contact to the people who want to get acquainted with her and her pictures. The way she displays this is candid and sincere, the spark she lets fly connects.

Equally difficult to impossible is to imagine Jacqueline and her pictures anywhere else other than in Nice. The sun, the unique light, the lush colours of nature: these are the elements with which she creates vibrant pictures where human beings form the focal point. People comprised of colour and light, whose sensuality and joie de vivre is also found again in the shapely or even whimsical things that surround them. Jacqueline paints with an intensity that literally absorbs the viewer and carries one off to another world, a world whose magic gradually unfolds like the pages of a book that, once opened, you only reluctantly want to let go of.

Jacqueline’s mostly large-format pictures are proof that painting is work, a process with an uncertain outcome that requires discipline and critically eyed distance to that which has been created time and again. What was felt demands to be enacted in shape and colour, though it also has to stand up to reflection, assert itself, have a coherent, clear “statement” beyond the creative process.

Just like the fashion that KATHARINA HOVMAN designs. Distinctive and classic in shape and colour, suitable for everyday life and elegant in one, flowing around the body to become a part of the personality. What Jacqueline “wears” from KATHARINA HOVMAN and the way she does it reveal how much energy and creativity are inherent to this woman and artist, how much pleasure she takes in life, and of course the inquisitiveness towards what is yet to come today and what might be tomorrow….

You can find more about JACQUELINE GAINON work here

www.jacqueline-gainon.com INSTAGRAM: @jacquelinegainon

And those who want to visit JACQUELINE GAINON in her studio can inquire about that here at any time. jacquelinegainon@hotmail.fr

Above and beyond that, JACQUELINE GAINON is represented in Nice by the GALERIE EVA VAUTIER. GALERIE EVA VAUTIER, 2 rue Vernier, Quartier Libération, 06100 Nice, France

Photos & Videos: by Philine von Sell; Music: by Philipp von Sell